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Babies, pools, and diapers. Oh my!

It can be so much fun to splash with your little one at the pool all summer long. They can cool down and get some energy out, too. But, when you head to the pool with tykes in diapers, there are some things to know, especially if you want to avoid diaper rashes or other sticky situations. Diaper rash happens when skin is too wet for too long. So, a day at the pool when baby is nothing but wet makes preventing diaper rash a concern. We’ve got some help with these five tips for babies, diapers and pools this summer.

  • Change diapers often. You might think super absorbent swim diapers are your key to fun at the pool, but here’s something you might not realize: They’re not meant to last all day long. You still need to change babies often, which means about every 30-60 minutes. It’s one of the best ways to keep diaper rash at bay.
  • Change diapers away from the pool. As tempting as it is to pull your little one up to a pool chair and towel for a quick change, please consider this: It’s much better to find a designated diaper changing facility instead. It helps decrease contaminants poolside, and it’s more pleasant for other pool goers.
  • Get the right diaper fit. Whether you’re going with disposable or reusable swim diapers or swim pants, you need the right fit. Look for the Goldilocks of swim protection. If it’s too baggy, it won’t serve its purpose. If it’s too tight, wetness will stay too close to baby’s skin. Plus, it will rub and irritate, which are all factors that lead to diaper rash.
  • Keep loose stools out of the pool. Yes, it might sound yucky, but when we’re talking about babies and fluids, sometimes we need to keep it real. For the sake of everybody who wants some fun in the sun, you’ve got to keep any child with diarrhea or tummy troubles away from the pool. Come back another time when you won’t worry about possible contamination or irritating the diaper area even more.
  • Reach for the Doctor. Of course, any summer day at the pool is better when you bring Dr. Smith’s® along. The ointment or spray packs easily in any pool tote. What’s more, it acts as a barrier to protect baby’s skin from prolonged wetness. That’s a huge help to prevent diaper rash this Diaper Rash Season.
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