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Baby, it’s cold outside.

Winter is winding down, but temperatures are still down right frigid in many parts of the country. It’s still the season for snuggly knits, warm layers and footie pajamas. This time of year can really do a number on your skin, and of course, that goes double for your baby’s skin.

When the air is chilly, it’s also dry, which can lead to parched, itchy skin. It’s no fun for grown-ups, and really no fun for babies. Their skin is always more sensitive than ours, and reacts more harshly to the elements. It’s not just the cheeks on their faces that can get red and scaly. Their bottoms can also experience dry conditions, which can lead to discomfort and diaper rash. Here are some tips for how to battle the elements and protect baby’s skin from diaper rash this season.

  • Crank up the humidifier: Winter air is the opposite of humid, and heaters inside can make the air even drier. Keep a humidifier going in baby’s room to help counterbalance the dry conditions and put the right amount of moisture back in circulation. It’s good for baby’s skin, but also helps with respiration and dry nasal passages. Bonus: Even the really quiet ones make some white noise that can help soothe baby to sleep.
  • Slather on some lotion: Dry skin cries out for extra moisture. When you see red, scaly patches, that’s a sure sign that skin is thirsty. Try making a new routine of applying some gentle, unscented lotion. It will help keep baby’s skin soft and moisturized when it gets cold outside, and will soothe your hands, too.
  • Stay hydrated: When the air around you is dry, whether you’re inside our outside, skin would love more moisture from the inside out. Keep water handy and keep pushing fluids during the day.
  • Change often: With any extra water intake, be sure to change baby’s diaper often. It will help keep the extra wetness from turning into diaper rash.
  • Use targeted treatment: Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Rash Ointment and Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray have a blend of ingredients designed to soothe chafed and irritated baby skin, helping to treat and prevent diaper rash.
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