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The Benefits of Music + A Summer Fun Playlist

Did you know your infant’s hearing is well developed shortly after birth? That means that music is beneficial to them from the very beginning. According to Parents magazine, babies are prewired to learn music just like they’re prewired to learn language.

Not only is music a fun way to stimulate your baby or toddler’s mind, it also acts as a way to bond with your little one – research shows that moving to music with someone triggers the release of oxytocin, also known as the “bonding” hormone.

Here at Dr. Smith’s®, we’ve created a special playlist with your little one in mind. Whether you’re on a summer road trip, at a family BBQ, or playing at home, these tunes will help your baby develop a love for music from day one.

An interesting tip for when you start grooving with your little one: Try tapping along to the rhythm on the soles of your baby’s feet or clapping his or her hands along with the beat – this enforces musical awareness and creates the connection between what is being heard and what is being felt.

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