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Dr. Smith’s knows that parenting a happy, diaper rash-free baby comes with its own vocabulary. Sometimes a made-up word is the best one to describe your baby and all those tiny, special moments you share together.

Splish-Splashier / spl-ish-splash-ee-er / adj.

describes a playful baby bath time with lots of fun and giggles.

Smashier / smash-ee-er / adj.

characterized by smushed food, such as peas or spaghetti, during baby’s first solid meals; usually accompanied by fits of uncontrollable laughter and plenty of napkins.

Sunshine-ier / suhn-sh-ahyn-ee-er / adj.

warm, bright, and fun, as in playful outdoor summertime games.

Gigglier / gig-lee-er / adj.

causing endless laughs and smiles from a baby who’s happy and diaper rash-free.

Smile-ier / sm-ahy-lee-er / adj.

describes a moment when both baby and parent are happy and carefree, as during an easy and pain-free diaper change.

Sweet Dreamier / sweet-dreem-ee-er / adj.

characterized by the exact moment a baby falls deeply asleep, warm and cozy in his or her crib; when baby sleeps through the night, everyone does.

Snugglier / snuhg-lee-er / adj.

cuddly, cozy, and carefree; describes a baby who draws close to mom and dad for comfort during quiet times.

Zoomier / zoom-ee-er / adj.

describes a toddler who has just learned to crawl or walk and hasn’t stopped moving since, here one minute and gone in a flash.

Dance-ier / dan-see-er / adj.

having the unstoppable desire to move and jiggle around when full of energy and happiness; sometimes a toddler can’t help but dance it out.

Jolly-er / jawl-ee-er / adj.

the absence of fussiness due to diaper rash, instead replaced with cheerful smiles and happy memories.

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