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Everything You Need to Know About Baby’s First Doctor’s Appointment

You’ve gotten used to visiting the doctor during pregnancy, but it doesn’t end once your little one arrives. Pediatricians recommend bringing your infant in for their very first check-up three-five days after delivery, according to Parents magazine. After that, you should expect follow-up appointments every few months for the first year. Your baby’s health is incredibly important, so you want to make sure you’re prepared. We’ve put together some tips for how to make the most of your baby’s first visits to the pediatrician. Before Delivery Finding the perfect doctor will be the last thing on your mind once your…

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The Importance of Tummy Time and How to Make It a Success

You’ve heard about the importance of tummy time for your baby, but what exactly is it? No, it’s not when you fill up their tummy with yummy foods – it’s the daily routine of placing your baby on their stomach to help them grow big and strong. Tummy time does a few things. It helps your baby strengthen the muscles in their neck and shoulders that they need to eventually sit up, crawl, and walk; it improves motor skills; and because it gets them off their back for a few minutes, it helps prevents flat spots on your baby’s head.…

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The Benefits of Music + A Summer Fun Playlist

Did you know your infant’s hearing is well developed shortly after birth? That means that music is beneficial to them from the very beginning. According to Parents magazine, babies are prewired to learn music just like they’re prewired to learn language. Not only is music a fun way to stimulate your baby or toddler’s mind, it also acts as a way to bond with your little one – research shows that moving to music with someone triggers the release of oxytocin, also known as the “bonding” hormone. Here at Dr. Smith’s®, we’ve created a special playlist with your little one…

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Survive your summer pregnancy

Pregnancies are rarely easy or breezy. Even in moderate temperatures, the closer you get to delivery, the more uncomfortable and heated you’ll feel, too. If you’re going to be blessed with a late summer baby, that means you’re getting bigger while temperatures are getting hotter. That combo calls for some summer pregnancy survival tips from Dr. Smith’s®. Stay hydrated: Every healthy pregnancy calls for pushing more fluids, but that goes double when summer temps get hot. Get used to carrying around a big container of something healthy and cool. Ice water with lemons is caffeine-free, has less sugar than lemonade…

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Tips for Potty Training Awareness Month

June is Potty Training Awareness Month. When it’s time to ditch the diapers, we want to help you make it a smooth transition. Enjoy some potty training tips from Dr. Smith’s®. Wait for signs: Your toddler has to be ready to start potty training. If not, you’re setting yourselves up for a world of frustration. When your little one starts talking about it more, showing interest in the toilet or letting you know when they’ve just gone (or even better – just about to go), then you’re in the zone. They’ll let you know when they’re ready to go. Ignore…

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We’ve Got Your Summer Checklist

We’re always ready for more sunshine and outside time. As you prep your family for the coming warm-weather months, it’s time to stock up on summer essentials. Dr. Smith’s® has built this seasonal checklist to help get you off on the right foot. And remember, summer is also diaper rash season, so don’t forget to prepare your changing area with Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment and Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray. Swimsuits (2-3): Depending on how often you’ll be in the water, it’s good to have a few to choose from. If a swimsuit hasn’t dried out overnight, you won’t…

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