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The Lowdown on Sitting Down and Moving Around

Baby tummy time isn’t always fun. For anybody. But, have faith. All of that hard work to build up core muscles pays off when babies start to roll over and push up all by themselves. It’s a milestone that’s hard earned and gives you a glimpse into new challenges ahead. As your baby learns to sit up, it won’t be long before full mobility becomes your new reality. While you put more baby proofing and safety measures into place, it’s also time to plan more protection for diaper rash. Somewhere around nine to 12 months, babies are looking at a…

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Fresh Tips for New Foods

The road from liquids to solids is paved with mixed emotions and lots of paper towels. This milestone is one for the baby books, and we’ve got some insight to help. When babies start eating new foods, their systems need to take time to get used to each one. Not only can new foods upset baby tummies, they can also increase the odds of diaper rash. You might not always think about it, but any new food that goes in can change the contents of what comes out, too. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as baby…

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Pregnancy Milestones

We usually think of babies and milestones in terms of post-delivery events like, the first time baby self-soothes, sits up or moves from liquid food to solids. But, pregnancy itself is full of milestones. Most baby guides like to compare your baby’s prenatal development to some kind of fruit or vegetable. (Fun fact: That’s why Drew Barrymore named her baby Olive – she read it and thought it was cute.) While baby’s getting ready to be born, you’re going through changes of your own. Here are some mommy milestones to think about during your home stretch. Start your baby registry:…

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Baby, it’s cold outside.

Winter is winding down, but temperatures are still down right frigid in many parts of the country. It’s still the season for snuggly knits, warm layers and footie pajamas. This time of year can really do a number on your skin, and of course, that goes double for your baby’s skin. When the air is chilly, it’s also dry, which can lead to parched, itchy skin. It’s no fun for grown-ups, and really no fun for babies. Their skin is always more sensitive than ours, and reacts more harshly to the elements. It’s not just the cheeks on their faces…

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Top 5 Registry Must Haves

Getting ready to register for baby? Here is a list of essentials prepared by Dr. Smith's Premium Parent, and mom of two girls, Rachel Bell: Sound machine – Babies love to hear womb sounds or other white noise. They’re good to have on hand when desperate to calm baby in those first few days. Something for yourself – Get something nice to treat yourself after baby comes. A new comfy set of PJ’s, body scrub, etc. but you’re thinking of baby all the time now and will need to take time for you too. Diapers of varying sizes – Your…

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Sun, Sand and the Diaper Set

Heading to the beach with babies isn’t always as easy as a day at the beach, as the saying goes. In fact, whoever came up with that phrase for “simple” probably wasn’t heading to the beach with a baby in tow. Packing and preparation require a new level of intensity when you’re talking babies and beaches. If you’ve navigated a pool, you’re on your way to success. But here are five special tips for babies, diapers and the beach. • Change diapers often. This advice always tops the list when you’re trying to treat or prevent diaper rash. Diaper rash…

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