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Diaper Rash Season Hits the Road

More than any other time of year, summer is the season to explore and travel. Babies and diapers don’t have to put a damper on your summer adventures. Here are five diaper-friendly tips for keeping your adventures at full throttle this summer. Pack lots of diapers. You might have a great plan for how your day or extended trip will go. Then again, with babies and diapers, things happen. Be sure to pack a few extra backup diapers, since you’ll be changing more often in the summer heat, anyway. Know you can usually restock. Diaper bags are great because they’re…

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Summer is Diaper Rash Season

You might not think about it, but the diaper area is especially susceptible to diaper rash during the summer months. Here are a few reasons why: • It’s hot outside: When temperatures get warmer, we sweat more. So even if you regularly change baby’s diaper, you’re going to want to change it even more often to avoid too much sweaty wetness building up in the diaper area. Another good idea is to use a product like Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Ointment. It creates a barrier to help better protect skin from extra wetness. • You’re on the go: When you’re driving…

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Babies, pools, and diapers. Oh my!

It can be so much fun to splash with your little one at the pool all summer long. They can cool down and get some energy out, too. But, when you head to the pool with tykes in diapers, there are some things to know, especially if you want to avoid diaper rashes or other sticky situations. Diaper rash happens when skin is too wet for too long. So, a day at the pool when baby is nothing but wet makes preventing diaper rash a concern. We’ve got some help with these five tips for babies, diapers and pools this…

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How to beat diaper rash during summer

Reviewed by Dr. Kristie Rivers, Bundoo Pediatrician Summer heat can be hard enough on your baby, but adding a case of diaper rash makes it miserable.Diaper rash is a common condition characterized by redness and mild scaling on the diaper area. It’s usually caused by leaving a wet diaper on for too long or the introduction of new foods that cause irritating diarrhea. During the summer months, however, it can also be caused by extra sweating thanks to more intense heat.Besides diaper rash caused by prolonged contact with a wet diaper, yeast infections are also more common in the summer…

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