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Diaper Rash Season Hits the Road

More than any other time of year, summer is the season to explore and travel. Babies and diapers don’t have to put a damper on your summer adventures. Here are five diaper-friendly tips for keeping your adventures at full throttle this summer.

  • Pack lots of diapers. You might have a great plan for how your day or extended trip will go. Then again, with babies and diapers, things happen. Be sure to pack a few extra backup diapers, since you’ll be changing more often in the summer heat, anyway.
  • Know you can usually restock. Diaper bags are great because they’re roomy and can carry lots of stuff. That doesn’t mean you have to stuff them to the brim with diapers, though. If you’re off on a summer adventure with your family, chances are good that you won’t be too far from civilization and a place to restock if you’re in a bind.
  • Get up and stretch. Chafing is a big part of diaper irritation. When baby’s stuck in a stroller or car seat all day, you might see diaper rash problems later. Take some breaks and get baby out to stretch once in a while. It helps keeps things aired out back there.
  • Keep some bags on hand. You never know where you’ll be when baby needs a change. Sometimes you’re close enough to a car or restroom to take care of things no problem. Then again, some summer adventures take you further afield. Do yourself and your fellow vacationers a favor and be ready to considerately dispose of waste. Plastic bags help to keep things contained until you can find a garbage can.
  • Reach for the Doctor. It’s a good thing that Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Rash Ointment comes in convenient, travel-friendly sizes. They’re perfect for summer adventures on the go. Plus, Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Rash Spray is an effective, hands-free way to keep diaper rash at bay during Diaper Rash Season.
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