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Encourage Baby’s Newfound Mobility With These Games & Activities

It’s been a few months and your baby is finally starting to move around on his or her own. According to What to Expect, most babies start to roll over and sit up at around 4-6 months, crawl and stand up at 7-9 months, and walk at 13-18 months.

During this exciting time in your little one’s development, you’ll want to find every way to encourage the newfound mobility. Here are some fun games and activities to play with your baby as he or she grows.

1-3 months

  • Tummy time is how babies develop the neck and back muscles they need to move around. Place baby on his or her tummy with toys at eye level so baby can move and reach for them.

3-6 months

  • Get your little one ready to rock ‘n roll with this simple activity: lightly grasp the feet in one of your hands and the baby’s feet in your other hand and gently rock baby side to side.

6-9 months

  • Create a soft, simple obstacle course in your home for your little one to maneuver. Set up pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets on the living room floor and supervise while baby tries to get to the other side.

9-12 months

  • When baby starts walking while holding on to furniture, help them upgrade to full-on walking by holding their other hand while they cruise to assist. Add difficulty: Put a small foam ball in front of their feet so they can practice kicking.

12+ months

  • Take peek-a-boo to the next level with simple hide-and-seek. Pull the bed covers over your head for baby to come and find you or hide behind nearby walls so your little one has to chase after you.
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