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Make sure your house is baby-ready with our childproof checklist

Dr. Smith's Childproof Checklist
Download our childproof checklist.

Before you have a baby, your home feels like the safest place in the world. But suddenly, everything has sharp edges and can come toppling over at any minute. Your newborn is going to be up and at ‘em in a flash, but no need to panic – some easy childproofing hacks will get your house ready for baby in no time.

The main thing to remember: Use common sense. If you suspect something might be unsafe for the baby, then it probably is. To get a new perspective, take a crawl around your house on your hands and knees. That way, you’ll see potential hazards you wouldn’t normally see.


  • Put child locks on all cabinets and drawers
  • Appliance locks for the oven and dishwasher need to be installed
childproof kitchen
child proof tips for bathroom

  • Put child locks on all cabinets and drawers
  • Put lid lock on toilet seat
  • Secure all medication with childproof containers and place far out of reach
  • Put a nonslip mat in the bathtub and never, never leave a baby unsupervised in the tub
Living Room

  • Secure all electrical cords
  • Place TVs behind doors in an entertainment center or mounted on the wall
  • Buy a fireplace shield with a guard door
child proof living room
baby proof the nursery
Nursery and Toy Room

  • Don’t use a crib with drop-side rail (they have been banned)
  • Leave soft items like blankets and stuffed animals out of the crib
  • Make sure all toys are much larger than your baby’s mouth and that small parts are well attached
  • Avoid toy boxes with heavy, slamming lids

  • Install a cover or fence around the pool
  • Make sure baby isn’t in the garage unsupervised
  • If you have a swing set, make sure it’s assembled correctly with soft materials, like mulch, underneath
baby proof your home
baby home safety
Entire Home

  • Tie down top-heavy furniture like dressers and bookshelves
  • Put sliding covers on all exposed sockets – outlet covers are a choking hazard
  • Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working
  • Use a baby gate at the top and bottom of stairs
  • Put up a baby gate to any rooms that aren’t childproofed
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