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Sun, Sand and the Diaper Set

Heading to the beach with babies isn’t always as easy as a day at the beach, as the saying goes. In fact, whoever came up with that phrase for “simple” probably wasn’t heading to the beach with a baby in tow. Packing and preparation require a new level of intensity when you’re talking babies and beaches. If you’ve navigated a pool, you’re on your way to success. But here are five special tips for babies, diapers and the beach.

Change diapers often. This advice always tops the list when you’re trying to treat or prevent diaper rash. Diaper rash happens when skin is exposed to wetness for too long. Changing diapers every hour or so or letting baby go without a diaper for a while helps keep the diaper area dry and less prone to diaper rash.

Pack smart. You can’t always be sure about bathroom facilities at the beach. Because you can’t count on everything being ready for you, it’s a good idea to bring some supplies to help. The best things to keep on hand are plastic bags. If you use disposable swim diapers, plastic bags make packaging and throwing them away nicer all-around. If you use cloth swim diapers or swim pants, plastic bags help contain the wet stuff so they don’t soak everything else.

Sand will irritate and get everywhere. It’s hard to plan for this one. Sand is gritty, gets really heavy when it’s wet and gets into everything. Because baby’s skin is so sensitive, sand can especially irritate a baby’s diaper area during a day at the beach. Bring some cornstarch, which helps sand rub off easier. Also, keep some fresh water on hand to rinse the diaper area off when sandy diaper situations get particularly bad.

Pitch a little tent. Again, you can’t be sure what kinds of facilities you’ll have at the beach, or how far you’ll be from a good diaper changing area. Parents find little portable tents can be super helpful at the beach. They provide coverage from the elements for easy diaper changes, which need to happen often if you’re battling diaper rash. Plus, they’re great for setting up a shady nap area.

Reach for the Doctor. One thing you don’t want to be without at the beach is Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Rash Ointment or Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Rash Spray. It’s a matter of preference, but you might find the spray comes in extra handy when you want to keep your hands less sticky with so much sand around. That way, Reaching for the Doctor will be even easier.

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