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Survive your summer pregnancy

Pregnancies are rarely easy or breezy. Even in moderate temperatures, the closer you get to delivery, the more uncomfortable and heated you’ll feel, too. If you’re going to be blessed with a late summer baby, that means you’re getting bigger while temperatures are getting hotter. That combo calls for some summer pregnancy survival tips from Dr. Smith’s®.

Stay hydrated: Every healthy pregnancy calls for pushing more fluids, but that goes double when summer temps get hot. Get used to carrying around a big container of something healthy and cool. Ice water with lemons is caffeine-free, has less sugar than lemonade and is way more interesting than plain water.

Feet up: It’s not just an old wives’ tale. Your feet and ankles get swollen the further along you get in your pregnancy. It helps to keep them elevated as often as possible. Better yet, grab a partner and get a massage to keep circulation up down there. And, speaking of support, make sure your footwear hugs your arches and heels. Flip-flops might feel good, but your feet won’t thank you in the long-run.

Breathe: Not only you, but also your clothes. Breathable maternity wear is your ticket to staying as cool as possible in this home stretch. Wicking fabrics that are light, loose and comfortable will be good to include. Extend their usefulness with items that might transition into good layering pieces after your bundle arrives and the seasons change.

Jump in: You might not feel your most comfortable when you’re sporting a major baby bump, but don’t let it stop you from cooling down in a pool or beach. Be sure you’ve got enough sunscreen to protect your skin. The last thing you need during a labor, delivery and postpartum recovery is a sunburn to boot.

Elbows, knees and necks: It might seem silly, but keeping a damp cloth around the back of your neck does wonders to cool your whole body down. You can also wrap towels around ice-filled plastic bags and sit with them on the insides of your knees and elbows. There’s something about those spots that cool down your whole body with great efficiency.

On the bright side: It’s easy to think of summer as an inconvenient time to be pregnant. But, here’s the thing: It’s also the time you’ll find the best fresh produce, which your body needs a lot of right now. Summer babies also get extra time to build immunity before cold season hits.

Stock up on Dr. Smith’s®: Your skin gets more chafed than ever in the summer, and baby’s delicate skin will too. Be sure you’ve stocked your nursery with soothing Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Rash Ointment and Spray so you’re ready.

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