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We’ve Got Your Summer Checklist

We’re always ready for more sunshine and outside time. As you prep your family for the coming warm-weather months, it’s time to stock up on summer essentials. Dr. Smith’s® has built this seasonal checklist to help get you off on the right foot. And remember, summer is also diaper rash season, so don’t forget to prepare your changing area with Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment and Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray.

  • Swimsuits (2-3): Depending on how often you’ll be in the water, it’s good to have a few to choose from. If a swimsuit hasn’t dried out overnight, you won’t want to put a damp suit back on top of baby’s skin. Wetness is a trigger for diaper rash, so starting out dry will help keep diaper rash away. Tip: Look for suits with built-in SPF protection.
  • Swim diapers: Whether they’re cloth or disposable swim diapers, you’ll want plenty of these, so you can always keep baby’s bottom as dry as possible.
  • Smith’s Diaper Rash Supplies: Stock up on diaper rash products. Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray is perfect for the pool or beach. Tip: Even if baby doesn’t have a diaper rash, summer is diaper rash season. You’ll want to keep a protective barrier to make diaper rash less likely in the summer months.
  • Sunhats (2-3): Floppy hats with wide brims. Some are even made to get wet, which is nice for days at the pool or beach.
  • Sunscreen: Look for a high SPF that’s easy on baby’s sensitive skin. Babies don’t have lots of surface area, though you’ll want to reapply often. Tip: Instead of one giant tube, think about dividing into a few smaller tubes. You’ll have plenty on hand for the car, diaper bag and home, and it won’t go to waste.
  • Bug spray: Help keep mosquito-borne illness at bay this summer.
  • Sunshade: These are great for strollers if you need to walk around during naptime and want some coverage past where the built-in shade stops.
  • Socks (4-5): Sandals aren’t always recommended for babies, since they make little toes exposed to stubbing and dropped things. Besides, your little one won’t be wearing sandals all the time. You still need socks that are big enough to breathe and protect feet in closed-toed summer shoes. Tip: Look for socks with grips at the bottom so your new walker won’t slide around on hard, cold, air-conditioned floors.
  • Cotton wraps (2-4): They’re not as heavy as blankets, and cotton wraps are a skin-smart choice for babies when it’s a little warmer outside.
  • Beach towels (1-2): They don’t have to be super expensive, but remember, your baby won’t grow out of these for a few years, so it’s okay to pick something for durability here.
  • Plastic zip bags: Every season calls for zippered plastic bags for all kinds of reasons. In diaper rash season, plastic bags will help separate wet clothes from the rest of your gear after you quickly take them off to better prevent diaper rash.
  • Breathable tote bag: Something lightweight and easy to haul bulky toys and summer gear.
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